Ebikienmo Bio-ibogomo hails from Twon Brass Bayelsa state, but resides with her family in the states capital Yenagoa. She is a graduate of Civil Engineering, with so many professional certifications in computer programming. Although, she studied civil engineering, but her greatest affinity is on computer and technology. It all started in 2013 during her final term in high school, where she was chosen to represent a school at a science fair competition organized by shell petroleum in her state capital.

At the end of the competition, her team emerged winner, and was awarded a scholarship to attend a robotics Academy organized by some MIT students in Lagos Nigeria. There, her love for programming was shaped. Later in 2018, she attended a full stack web development boot camp and there the birth of the kids code initiative. Since then, she has worked as a content writer and creator for companies and educational institutions in Benin Republic and Nigeria. Ebikienmo is a member of the Internet Society Nigeria chapter, and also an alumni of the Nigerian school on Internet Governance.